Are you connected or rejected by your teen?

Is it reasonable to expect some connection with your teenager? Are teenagers automatically programmed to reject you as their parents? I was recently asked in my facebook group how a mum could connect with her teenage son. And, now I think about it, a friend of mine with little boys told me a while ago Continue reading »

Have we created a millennial generation of monsters?

Teenagers are so rude and disrespectful! The millennials feel they are so entitled! The eye-rolling is what really gets me! Every parent must feel like this about the teenager at some point, right? The teen years are certainly a challenging time for parents but should we fear and dread them? Is this phase any worse Continue reading »

What if all it took was 100 times?

The Chinese say that for anything to be permanently embedded all you need to do is practise it 100 times. That fills me with optimism! I could practise something  3 times per day and it would take just 1 month to be permanent. How cool is that? The downside is that I have to be Continue reading »

Why you should be terrified of your teen!

Are you ever terrified of your teenager? Do you fear the kind of person they may become? Is there anything you can do? I have been working at a Pupil Referral Unit for excluded students recently and I don’t want you to experience the kind of behaviour and the consequent upset that I have witnessed. Continue reading »

What does Communication with Teenagers Sound Like?

When I speak to parents I hear over and over again that they want their teenagers to communicate with them. I also read an article which stated that the thing teenagers want most is for their parents to communicate better with them. But communication is clearly a major issue for you if you have teenagers. Continue reading »

Shut up for once and listen!

Have you ever shouted that at your teen? Or at least said it in your head? Has your teen ever shouted it at you? Why does listening matter so much anyway?? Your job as a parent has always been to keep your child safe and to teach them the important things so that they can Continue reading »

Is it true? It’s all your fault!

When you’ve had an argument with your teenager, or something doesn’t go exactly how you’d planned it, could it be your fault? Are you inclined to blame it on them (because they’re still a child)? Do you feel the need to blame them somehow? Do you find yourself saying something along the lines of, “You’re Continue reading »

How many times have you spoken to your teenager this week?

Do you actually speak to your teenager? Or do you spend your time arguing? I was in Lakeside this weekend and I noticed several families with teenagers. All of them looked miserable. The teens looked grumpy, the mums looked angry and the dads looked bewildered. I wondered why they were putting themselves through this torture. Continue reading »

Are you disappointed with your teen’s exam results?

Are you disappointed with your teen’s exam results? Are you angry that they haven’t worked hard enough? Have you argued with your teen? With your spouse? We’ve finally come to the end of the long wait for exam results. I remember very well the tension of that two months between the end of June and Continue reading »