Stress and Fatigue

Stress is a condition that is affecting all of us in the modern world. When I was a teenager I used to hear people say that childhood was the best time of your life and you had nothing to be anxious about. But for today’s teenagers life can be extremely stressful.

Long term stress leads to all sorts of physical and emotional symptoms. Fatigue is one and it is one that I see increasingly.

We all know that when we have a teenager they can be unco-operative, grumpy and often want to stay in bed until the afternoon. But for some teens it is more than this. They are so out of sorts that their body starts to create symptoms which means they cannot function in their “normal” world.

They might have headaches, nausea, extreme tiredness, unexplained pain, digestive problems. While your teen may not be diagnosed with M.E., Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia you might be worried that they are experiencing some of the symptoms and be searching for a solution.

Exhaustive and Fatigue Conditions are multi-faceted and require a multi-faceted approach to treatment.

I believe it is essential to address many areas of a teen’s life for recovery to take place.

I have developed a system for unpicking what’s going on and for supporting  teenagers clients through what I consider to be the 5 Essential Areas of the Happy Teen BluePrint , whilst addressing the vast array of physical and emotional symptoms arising from these conditions.

I am able to use my experience in homeopathy, wellness coaching, reiki and massage to help my teenage clients and their parents get their lives back. I also head up an experienced team of therapists, with training in ME Recovery, if another treatment is more suitable for you at any time.

Nutrition must be optimal to provide the most favourable conditions for energy production and allow your body the best chance of healing. Lots of teenagers are attracted to junk food and eating on the go. Sometimes this needs tweaking and this is one of the first areas to address to get on the road to recovery.  I am very excited to be working alongside Lucy, a fantastic nutritional therapist, who will be able to assess, test and support your teenager through nutritional recovery.


I talk ‘Recovery’ at Well Kids, not just ‘learning to live with it’!

Contact me today for a free health appraisal and start getting your teenager’s life back!

Your first steps

Once you have completed a Health Appraisal Form on behalf of your teenager and returned it to me, I will assess which of the 5 Essential Areas of Recovery will be a priority for them. I will offer you a phone appointment time  to chat about options for your teenager. This will take up to 30 minutes and will give you the time to tell me your story. I will be able to ask you some questions and let you know whether I think I’m the right person to work with you.

As these conditions are complex I must be honest and tell you there is no quick fix. So we will work together over a period of time. This means you don’t waste your money and time going from practitioner to practitioner. I will discuss packages with you.

This will enable you to book in appointments regularly for a period of time (securing your favourite slots), map your teen’s Recovery fully and take advantage of the special package prices together with additional bonuses not available for those booking single appointments.