Tuition with a Difference

I believe that education is so much more than delivering content. In order to learn something effectively your child needs to have the confidence to take a risk. It is through uncertainty and  the potential for failure that they will learn the most. But many children fear that sense of failure because it tells  them they are not good enough and currently our education system is a pass or fail system.

If your child is experiencing difficulties at school (from slow progress or boredom) it can have devastating effects on their confidence and self-esteem. This can lead to a sense of failure, poor confidence and concentration or unhappiness which leads to challenging behaviour at home and school, lack of co-operation, poor social skills. You might start to notice illness such as tummy aches and headaches which may lead to absence from school. You might start to have problems settling your child in bed at night because they say they can’t get to sleep or they have nightmares. They might say they have no friends when you know that’s not true. They might stop wanting to go to after school activities they have always enjoyed.

I know, as a parent, this can be baffling, sometime distressing and lead to sleepless nights for you. What do you do when day after day your child won’t go to school? Or they are rude to you? Or they become aggressive? Or unhappy?

All of this leads you to feel guilty that you don’t know what to do.

How does that disrupt your life?

These kinds of problems can have repercussions for the whole family dynamic and lead to stress for all concerned. It’s like a stone dropping into the middle of a pond. The ripples just keep spreading. You feel stressed, tired and guilty, which can lead to arguments and problems throughout your whole family. Which leaves you feeling more guilty.

How can I help you? 

Why would you want to bring your child to me when it’s so easy (and cheap) to go to a tuition centre?

The reason many people take their children to traditional tutors or tuition centres is that they assure you that it’s just a matter of going over the content of a subject in a more focused way. That’s true up to a point.

But I have seen time and time again then when kids start to fail at school it’s not as simple as plugging up the gaps.

This is why…

Imagine that day after day you have to go somewhere you feel you are not coping. You are worried in case you’re asked a question you won’t be able to answer. You fear that you will be made a fool of in front of your friends. You are terrified you’ll be shown up for the fool that you are!

How do you think that would make you feel? Do you think it would be as simple as learning a few new spellings or going over a maths method?

Here’s the real difference…

I work 1 to 1 with your child, not only teaching them what’s missing , but also, and critically,  building their confidence, teaching them strategies for success and building a sense of fun back into their learning. I am passionate about learning being a life long skill. If you don’t love learning as a child, the chances are you won’t be willing to learn many new things as an adult. Learning is all about taking risks and being willing to try. I know this is the key to doing well at anything.

If you are confident and prepared to have a go, you’ll be great!

Alongside that, I coach your child, to express how they feel, to make confident decisions, to let go of past insecurity, hurt and fear.

And as part of your child’s tuition package I will “meet” with you once a month on the phone for up to an hour to talk through your concerns, worries or fears and to give you constructive feedback on your child’s progress.

I have 26 years of experience across the whole primary age group, both working in classrooms and on Family Learning projects. So whether you need some support with the ever changing curriculum, or some booster time for upcoming 11+ tests, or just some general support and confidence boosting give me a ring for some friendly help and advice.

Because I know this is new way of working for many people I’d love to offer you a complementary session for us to discuss your exact needs and how it would be best to work with you. Usually I find that what works best is twice monthly sessions with your child (1 hour each) and once per month (1 hour by phone or skype) with you. If we feel a weekly session would be better we can also arrange that.

This really is so much more for you than traditional tuition that you go to week after week for months if not years. Your investment in your child is lifelong.

Investment : £75 (fortnightly sessions) £135 (weekly sessions) per month and are for a minimum of 3 months. 

If you’re not sure this is the right things for you call me today on 07941 320527or contact me here.





Vicki instilled in Paul real self confidence as to his ability and has always been encouraging. She made the sessions fun to such an extent that Paul never minded attending every fortnight. Also he had no problem with doing any of the homework she set him. Indeed even though Paul has sat the exams he has expressed a desire to still receive tutoring from Vicki.

CJG, West Wickham