About Vicki

parents with teenagers coach

Hello and Welcome,

I’m Vicki Raven.

If you’re visiting this page I’m guessing you’re curious about me and why it is I work with teenagers and families. And perhaps, most importantly, what I can do for you.

I feel passionately that childhood, including the transition from being a child into an adult, should be the best time of our life.

Too often that transition is not at all easy, and  parents have a terrible time lurching between extreme anxiety and ferocious arguing with their teens. They simply don’t know how their cute 5 year old became a stroppy teenager and what they can do to make it an easier ride for all the family.

I know that the teenage years are a time of huge change, for them and you, and that can lead to differences of opinion and, at its worst, huge arguments. But why should teen years be so difficult? Well, I know that they don’t have to be. 

A lot of the changes that happen are completely normal. The problem is we prepare for babyhood because there’s time to do it and a huge range of support available. The teen years seem ages away, but then they suddenly rush up and before you know it you’re in the middle of World War 3! I can help you clarify what’s working well for you and add in some strategies that will make the teen years easier. 

My experience and qualifications

I have a degree in Education and am qualified as a Wellness Coach. I have worked with children, teenagers and parents pretty much all my working life – that’s 26 years now, and I’m a mum to 2 gorgeous young adults.

I began my career as a reception class teacher which meant that I had a lot of contact with parents and heard all about their worries for their children and all the stresses of family life.

After a few years in the job I left to have my own children. Being a Mum is life changing isn’t it? Whilst I have loved it on the whole, I won’t say it’s been without it’s challenges!

When mine were both at school I moved around various teaching jobs and eventually found a fantastic position in the Family Learning Team in Bromley. At the same time I started on a journey learning about complementary therapies and coaching. It’s these 2 very different things that have brought me to where I am today.

Whilst at secondary school my daughter suffered with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. She had physical symptoms but also anxiety and sleeplessness. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find any kind of structured help and support for her and for the rest of our family. So now I combine my experience of teaching, therapies and coaching, and my firsthand experience of a teenager in crisis to work with teens and parents.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about me and I look forward to meeting you on the phone, Skype, or at one of my events or at the Well Kids centre in West Wickham.

“It has paid off, and being helped to continue by my new stance of letting small comments go. It helps to have had your back up at those moments, so I feel like someone is on my team. I can recall your comments in my head and not react, but rather respond by being still and quiet. Which is not weak, but rather wise. Thank you so much Vicki.”

CW (Parents with Teenagers)