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Being the parent of a teenager can feel like a thankless task and often a complete nightmare. I bet you feel that everything you say makes them angry which makes you feel resentful and you both descend into a spiral of silence or continuous arguing. It’s not what you signed up for is it?

So what is it that you want from your relationship with your teenager?

What do you want to be able to offer them?

What do you want from the the relationship?

Whatever you want it doesn’t need to be a struggle, and neither does parenting your teenager.

If you are struggling or concerned at all about your teenager, or if you’re anxious about the way things are leading with your preteen, I can help you create the relationship and connection you’re missing. You won’t ever be pingponging between silence and shouting.

Instead you will always feel in control of the way you respond to your teenager, you will have the confidence to just listen and you will know that the future is bright for you and your teen.

You can choose a number of different ways to can work with me, designed  so that you’ll find something  that will suit your needs, tastes and your budget.

If this appeals to you, or you know right now that you really need it, contact me for a free, no obligation 60 minute Lifesaver Call. During your call we will explore what you really want your relationship with your teenager to be like, what’s going on at the moment and how you can change that.

I know that the best results are achieved through 1 to 1 work, but I also know that that doesn’t suit everyone so I have a range of ways you can work with me. All of the ways of working with me have the same core material and will get you the results you want. The only difference is what you prefer. 

Here’s the menu with a brief description to whet your appetite.  If you’re not sure contact me and I’ll let you know what I think.

Stop Arguing

Arguing seems to come with the territory when you have a teenager! Your teenager can make you feel exasperated and angry and you just lash out because there doesn’t seem to be anything else to do.

Download this free guide to give you an instant way to do something different that will help you feel more in control and teach your teen an alternative to arguing.

Get it Right with your Teen! 

I’ve often heard it said that babies don’t come with a manual and that’s very true. It’s also true that there is a lot of support out there when you have a baby or toddler.

But as your children get older there seems to be less and less advice and support around. At the same time parents dread the teenage years.

Get it Right with your Teen is a Downloadable 6 part guide which you can dip in and out of you. It will give you all you need to Get it Right!


Help with your Teen when you Need it! 


When you need a small but essential booster on a regular basis to keep you on track with parenting your teenager choose your regular lifeline 

Building the Future with your Teen!  

When the event demands it, you go for the luxury option don’t you?

If you and your teenager are suffering from stress and it’s causing terrible arguments and the breakdown of other relationships you need to choose the always stay afloat option for that special relationship in your life. This will give you a personalised programme for you and your teenager.

I saw Vicki when I was in a transition period and frustrated at work. Vicki was great at helping me put things in to perspective and see my priorities more clearly. Because of this I was able to set myself some principles which have helped me to get beyond the idea of resolutions and the frustration of unmet objectives. She has a really pleasant manner, makes you feel at ease and back in control.

DSE, Catford

“Hi Vicki
Thank you so much for your call. it was so nice to share my worries and get advice. Looking forward to listen to your webinar and talk to you again soon.
Kind regards MGZ”


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