Find calmer water with your teen

Get it Right with your Teen!

When you are drowning in the crashing waves of argument you need to learn what’s causing you to be struggling to keep your head above water and constantly pulled into troubled waters.

If you love watching and listening as your preferred way of learning then this is perfect for you. This 6 part presentation guide gives you a deeper understanding of why parenting is a really tricky business (it might not be what you think!) and why that is making being a parent to your teenager really difficult and on occasions unbearable.

I’ll show you why it’s not your fault at all that parenting a teenager is hard and the really easy steps you can put in place so that you and your teenager can avoid the crashing waves and challenges making life easier for both of you.

After completing the 6 parts you will:

  • Know why parenting goes wrong
  • Have learnt the 3 keys to successful parenting
  • Know why conversations go wrong
  • Have learnt a simple 5 step structure for successful conversations with your teenager
  • Have learnt how to handle “No!”
  • Understand why compromise is vitally important

You’ll receive all the recordings to your inbox. The modules are designed so that you can either work straight through them or pick them up and put them down to fit into your busy day. If you have a spare hour you can listen and watch a whole module or you can dip into 15 minute chunks while you’re in the car.

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If this appeals to you, or you know right now that you really need it, contact me for a free, no obligation 60 minute Lifesaver Call. During your call we will explore what you really want your relationship with your teenager to be like, what’s going on at the moment and how you can change that.