Always Stay Afloat and In Control

Building The Future with Your Teen

There are influences and impacts on you and your teenager that you can’t predict or control directly. From time to time these will throw you into a state of panic.

Many teens have social problems these days that seem so much worse than the way you remember them. This is, of course, magnified because of mobile phones and social media.

School is also a big deal for many teens. The education system is highly pressurised these days, almost from the word go. Childline have reported a huge increase in calls due to exam pressure. This can cause problems for your whole family; your teen feels anxious about meeting expectations, you feel anxious because you want them to do their best. It has a knock on effect on the whole family.

Fatigue is a condition that seems to be becoming a more common problem in teenagers. We all know that when we have a teenager they can be unco-operative, grumpy and often want to stay in bed until the afternoon. But for some teens it is more than this. They are so out of sorts that their body starts to create symptoms which means they cannot function in their “normal” world.

These are just a few of the more problematic challenges that your teenager and you may come up against. From personal experience I know how debilitating and long- term these can be and that the best way to navigate these troubled waters is with a personalised programme assisted by a personal coach. When you take advantage of this you will be building a happier stronger future for your whole family.

When the challenges seem overwhelming the best thing to do is commit to a personalised programme. To begin with we will go through, in depth, what your individual challenges are and the best way to work through them. We will decide together whether the best way forward is sessions for just you, just your teen or a combination of the 2. This will give you back the feeling of coasting downstream rather than battling upstream.

There are a variety of ways for you do this but each will give you:

  • Dedicated time for you or your teenager to explore what is creating conflict, stress or anxiety
  • A non-judgemental & confidential space to offload your challenges & stresses
  • A deeper understanding of your unique challenges and what might be stopping you changing things
  • From each session, a unique strategy to change something for the better for you and your teen
  • Confidence to set and stick to boundaries that you are happy with and your teen will accept
  • Joy that you are creating a better future for you, your teen and your whole family

If this appeals to you, or you know right now that you really need it, contact me for a free, no obligation 60 minute Lifesaver Call. During your call we will explore what you really want your relationship with your teenager to be like, what’s going on at the moment and how you can change that.