Your Regular Lifeline!

Answers when you need them! A Regular Lifeline!

Do you feel you lurch from one crisis to the next with your teenager?

Has your 9 year old become a teenager overnight and you dread the future?

Would a regular way to get answers for the challenges of your teenager help stop the crises?

“Your Regular Lifeline” is the support for you if you need quick answers on a regular and consistent basis.  It is a step up from support groups, such as Facebook, which are great, but this is personally tailored for you and definitely confidential. It will stop the drips ofproblems as they start and give you regular support to weather any storm, meaning that there can always be a positive outcome.

I will give you regular confidential support in an extremely cost-effective way.

Every month you will get 30 or 60 minutes (you choose) dedicated time either by Skype, FaceTime, phone or emails. You can take your time however and whenever you like within the allotted times in my diary during each month. You’ll never feel you need to make a special emergency appointment. You can either book a regular monthly time or there will be slots available for you to book with me.

I can help with a challenge that suddenly arises, as it does with teens, or with a more long term plan, such as dealing with online time or homework organisation. You will always know that you have time available with me without ever having to wait too long for support, or letting things get on top of you. You will always feel that you can make a positive decision, feel in control and love your teen warts and all. Never again feel you can’t keep your head above water!

If this appeals to you, and you know right now that you really need it, contact me for a free, no obligation 60 minute Lifesaver Call. During your call we will explore what you really want your relationship with your teenager to be like, what’s going on at the moment and how you can change that.